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Secret cARd Games Policy

Dated: June 15th, 2023 1. Use of the Mobile App: Our lawyer requires us to include the following Terms of Use. Honestly, I still don't know what the hell they mean, and these are pretty much the same as our last game, so, here you go. BY ENTERING, DOWNLOADING, OPERATING, ACCESSING AND/OR USING THE SECRET CARD GAMES MOBILE APP (“APP”), YOU ACCEPT AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS OF USE (“TERMS”) AND THIS CREATES A BINDING CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND TANGO ALPHA LLC (“Tango Alpha”), the owner of the APP. Your use of the APP is entirely conditioned on and subject to your compliance with these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, then you remove the APP immediately. Please read these Terms carefully and thoroughly, as they create a binding contract. 2. Limited Terms: a. The information and content in this APP for informational and entertainment purposes only. Tango Alpha has no duty to keep information submitted to us confidential. b. You are solely responsible for your actions related to your use of the APP and for any content that is submitted, accessed, downloaded, linked to, or retrieved from or through the APP. c. Prohibited Activities: The following activities are prohibited: * Do not operate, use, play, access, or download the APP while driving, operating machinery, while intoxicated or under the influence of mind-altering substances, or engaging in dangerous activities; * Connect use of the APP to third party users of the APP in which you do not have a prior personal relationship; * Do not operate, use, play, access, or download the APP for illegal, fraudulent, criminal, or illicit purposes; * Do not operate, use or play the APP in places where it is otherwise prohibited; and * Do not use, capture, reproduce, or copy any screens or images containing any third party brands, copyrights or proprietary and intellectual property rights. * Do not threaten, harm, harass, or stalk others, or promote bigotry or discrimination; * Do not solicit any personal information from minors; * Do not reproduce or distribute or make derivative works of the APP, without the express written consent of Tango Alpha * Do not interfere with, alter, harm or damage the operation of the APP; * Do not infringe upon or violate any third party’s intellectual property, proprietary, personal or publicity rights; * Do not use the APP to violate any laws or Court orders. d. If you are the Host of the APP, always ensure that you know the other players that connect to or join in the APP. 3. Intellectual Property Rights: The APP contains intellectual property rights owned by Tango Alpha and any unauthorized use of the APP may violate or infringe upon the intellectual property rights of Tango Alpha or a third party. The APP is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and treaties. If you breach any of these Terms or otherwise infringe upon any intellectual property rights, then your authorization to use the APP and the license granted herein is automatically terminated. 4. No Warranty: TO THE EXTENT LOCAL LAW DOES NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON WARRANTIES, THIS PROVISION MAY NOT APPLY IN ITS ENTIRETY. USE OF THIS APP IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE APP IS FOR INFORMATION AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. THE APP IS PROVIDED “AS-IS.” TANGO ALPHA, AND ITS OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, AFFILIATES, AND AGENTS (“TANGO ALPHA PARTIES”) EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, NON INFRINGEMENT, AND OWNERSHIP. TANGO ALPHA PARTIES DO NOT REPRESENT OR WARRANT THE ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, TIMELINESS, OR COMPLETENESS OF THE APP, OR THAT THE APP WILL FUNCTIONAL AT ALL TIMES OR IS FREE FROM ANY VIRUSES, ERRORS, BUGS OR OTHER HARMFUL COMPONENTS. 5. Third Party Credits: a. The APP contains third party assets from the Unreal Engine marketplace. Usage can be reviewed here: b. All other work was original to Tango Alpha and its owner/creator, me, Taylor Anderson. See below. 6. General Contractual Clauses: a. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: TO THE EXTENT YOUR LOCAL LAW DOES NOT ALLOW THE LIMITATION OF LIABILITY, THEN THIS PROVISION MAY NOT APPLY IN ITS ENTIRETY. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PROVIDED UNDER THE LAW, TANGO ALPHA PARTIES HAVE NO OBLIGATION OR LIABILITY TO YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY, WHETHER ARISING IN CONTRACT, WARRANTY, TORT, (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, PRODUCT LIABILITY, OR OTHERWISE) FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING ANY LOSS OF DATA, REVENUE OR PROFIT) ARISING OUT OF OR WITH YOUR USE OF THIS APP EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY CONTAINED HEREIN, TANGO ALPHA’S LIABILITY TO YOU FOR ANY CAUSE OF ACTION WHATSOEVER, AND REGARDLESS OF THE ACTION, WILL AT ALL TIMES BE LIMITED TO ANY REGISTRATION FEE PAID. IF NO REGISTRATION FEE IS PAID, THEN YOU AGREE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE LIMITED TO INJUNCTIVE RELIEF ONLY, AND ARE NOT ENTITLED TO DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, UNLESS OTHERWISE PERMITTED BY LAW. b. INDEMNIFICATION: You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Tango Alpha, and its officers, directors, subsidiaries, affiliates, parents, assigns, agents, service providers, suppliers, and employees, harmless from and against any and all losses, claims, liabilities, demands, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, made by any third party arising out of or related to your use of the APP, including but not limited to any content submitted by you, your violation of these Terms, any damage you caused to another, your breach of the representations and warranties, and the violation of the rights of another. These obligations survive these Terms and your use of the APP. c. GENERAL PROVISIONS i. Governing Law/Venue: These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois. The state and federal courts in Illinois, specifically, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, shall be the exclusive forum and venue for any disputes that arise under or related to these Terms. You hereby consent to personal jurisdiction in Illinois. ii. Amendment: Tango Alpha is free to alter, amend, or change these Terms at any time without notice. The amendments will be prospective only. You are encouraged to review these Terms from time-to-time because they may change without notice, and your use of the APP is governed by the Terms in place at that time. iii. Entire Agreement: These Terms reflect the entire agreement between you and Tango Alpha. You may be subject to additional terms and conditions when you submit, download, access, or use third party content. iv. Enforcement: The failure to enforce any Term is not a waiver of such Term. Regardless of any statute, law, or regulation to the contrary, any claim, demand, or cause of action related to the APP or the Terms must be filed within one year after the date it arose, otherwise it will be barred. If any provision or sections of these Terms is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, then parties agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the intent of the parties, and the remaining provisions or sections remain in full force and effect. For any questions please contact us at:

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